Health Tips & Info : Vitamins and Supplements to Help Insomnia.

Insomnia is a disorder that most people suffer from at point or another. For some people insomnia is caused by a hectic period or at work or a time of personal stress and goes away after work dies down or the stress is resolved. But for other people insomnia is a chronic condition that can have serious effects on their health. 

Going without sleep for a long period of time can cause a loss of mental function, clumsiness, impaired judgment, and other problems. That’s why if you have had trouble sleeping for more than a week you should really try taking something to help you sleep. Most people are afraid to try prescription sleep medicine because they don’t want to get addicted. Even over the counter medicines that are made to help people sleep are avoided by people that don’t want to become dependent on a sleeping pill. 

There are herbs and supplements that you can take to help you sleep if you are routinely having trouble sleeping. Because they are all natural they are not habit forming and you won’t have to worry about any side effects or about becoming addicted to them. Herbal sleeping remedies are usually cheaper than prescription medications and easier to get too. 

The best herbal supplements to cure insomnia are kava kava, melatonin, and valerian root. Kava kava and valerian root can be taken in a tea form or in a pill form. All three of these supplements should be taken about an hour before you want to actually sleep so that they have time to be processed and broken down by your body. You will usually start to feel sleepy within a half an hour of taking the recommended dose of these herbs.

Health Tips & Info : The End of Common Diseases.

This picture presents the latest available statistics of the World Health Organization regarding the main causes of death in Europe, the United States, and other industrialized countries at the end of the twentieth century. Every year 12 million people worldwide die of the results of atherosclerosis, heart infarctions, and strokes. These are by far the most common causes of death of our time

Cellular Medicine has already found an answer to this epidemic: atherosclerosis and its consequences, heart infarction and stroke are early forms of scurvy. Based on this knowledge, coronary heart disease will be reduced to a fraction of the current figures over the next decades. 

The second-largest common disease is cancer—malignant tumors. Coronary disease and cancer together are responsible for over 80% of all deaths in industrialized countries. Incidences of cancer keep increasing on a global scale. There is only one plausible explanation for this: conventional medicine does not know the causes for cancer nor how this disease spreads. Because of this there is no effective cancer therapy available and the disease can keep expanding on a global scale. 

The most common diseases and causes of death in developing countries are infectious diseases, including the AIDS epidemic. These serious infectious diseases can only continue spreading the way they do because the knowledge of cellular health has been not efficiently used. This book will also provide the solution for the control of these diseases.

From : Cellular Health Series Cancer Book. By Matthias Rath, M.D.

Health Tips & Info : A Guide on Restaurant Calorie Counter.

If you always eat in a restaurant, it is advisable that you keep your daily calorie intake in check using a restaurant calorie counter. Whether it be just a fast food restaurant or fine dining, it is a good practice to know how much calories you are eating from these establishments, especially that you do not know how they are prepared. A restaurant calorie counter can be accessed in various calorie database websites. This will allow you to remain in control of your calorie intake even when eating outside. Here are some tips that you can do when using a restaurant calorie counter.

A restaurant calorie counter is a very useful way to stay disciplined when eating out. If you follow a strict daily calorie intake regimen, you do not have to be concerned about going beyond your limit when dining in a restaurant. Many restaurants can give you a calorie information sheet of the foods that they serve when you ask for it. This way you will be able to maintain your diet plan and keep your calorie intake under your daily limit. However, not all restaurants have this kind of service thus it may be challenging if you are trying out an establishment for the first time.

Another thing that you can do is use a mobile device to connect to the internet while in the restaurant. You can use laptops, smartphones, PSPs, tablets and other portable devices that have internet capability in order to access a website that has a restaurant calorie counter. If you want to utilize this method, it would be better to save the website address in your gadget beforehand so that it would be convenient for you to access it on-the-go. If you prefer to use this method, it would be advisable to store the URL of the site in your device beforehand so that it would be easier for you to access it. The problem with this is that some of us may not have these kinds of devices. Additionally, some restaurants do not have Wi-Fi hotspots or 3G coverage.

Finally, you can always arrange what you are going to order beforehand by consulting a restaurant calorie counter website prior to going to the restaurant. This will ensure that you will not go beyond your daily calorie limit even when you cannot access a restaurant calorie counter on the restaurant itself. However, this method may not be applicable when you eat in a restaurant in unplanned instances.

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Health Tips & Info : My Calorie Counter 101.

If you wish to begin a daily monitoring of your daily calorie intake as well as those that you have used up on exercise, one useful website that you can utilize is my-calorie-counter. My-calorie-counter is an online journal that will let you easily record the amount of calories that you put in your body on an everyday basis. It is very helpful when you want to maintain weight, gain weight, lose weight, or even if you just want to keep track of your health lifestyle. Here are several interesting things that you should know about my-calorie-counter.

One main feature of the website is to monitor the calories that you intake and use up daily and you can do it with the food and fitness journal in my-calorie-counter. There you can add the foods that you have eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You may also record the exercise that you have done for the day. One useful thing about the food and fitness journal is that it shows your calorie budget for the day, taking into consideration your nutrition target. You can easily find out if you are already over or still under the limit in your calorie intake for that day, allowing you to make the necessary adjustments before the day ends.

One more helpful feature in my-calorie-counter is the weight tracker dashboard. In this section you can easily see the various metrics that are relevant to your weight goals. There you can see your current calorie balance based on your food and fitness journal, your current weight, a graph that shows your weight changes over time, and the details regarding your weight target. This section is very convenient because you can easily learn about the progress about the weight that you are trying to have.

Apart from food and fitness journal as well as the weight tracker dashboard, there are still a couple of other features that my-calorie-counter has. You may use the website to search for nutritional facts about 45,000 different activities, generic and brand name foods, and fast food. 

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Health Tips & Info : Understanding a Food Calorie Counter.

Utilizing a food calorie counter is an effective approach in reaching the weight that you have always wanted. With a food calorie counter, you have a reliable guide that you can consult when you want to gain weight, lose weigh, or even maintain your current weight. To use the food calorie counter method, what you need to do is measure the number of calories that you have consumed and manage your food intake depending on what your weight plan is. Here are several things that are worth knowing about a food calorie counter and how it works.

A calorie is a unit of energy and it indicates the amount of energy that we obtain from ingesting a certain food. The calories that we obtain from food are then used as a source of energy that allows us to do various things. Furthermore, calories are also employed by out body systems in order for them to function. For example, we burn calories whenever we breathe. However, whenever we eat too much, our body does not use up all the calories we have obtained from eating. Because of this, our bodies converts the leftover calories into fat, which also increases our weight

A food calorie counter will allow us to know if what we are eating are less than or beyond what our bodies would normally need to function everyday. The knowledge of how much calories we put in our bodies will give as an idea of the necessary changes that we need to do in our diet in order to attain a weight goal.

A lot of people do not prefer this method of losing or gaining weights since they believe that measuring your calories is very hard to do, thus they go for more specific dieting systems instead. However, with a food calorie counter, you need not be denied of the foods that you wish to eat if you aim to lose weight. What you only need to manage is the amount of each specific food. Additionally, there are many internet sources that you can consult when utilizing a food calorie counter.

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