Health Tips & Info : The End of Common Diseases.

This picture presents the latest available statistics of the World Health Organization regarding the main causes of death in Europe, the United States, and other industrialized countries at the end of the twentieth century. Every year 12 million people worldwide die of the results of atherosclerosis, heart infarctions, and strokes. These are by far the most common causes of death of our time

Cellular Medicine has already found an answer to this epidemic: atherosclerosis and its consequences, heart infarction and stroke are early forms of scurvy. Based on this knowledge, coronary heart disease will be reduced to a fraction of the current figures over the next decades. 

The second-largest common disease is cancer—malignant tumors. Coronary disease and cancer together are responsible for over 80% of all deaths in industrialized countries. Incidences of cancer keep increasing on a global scale. There is only one plausible explanation for this: conventional medicine does not know the causes for cancer nor how this disease spreads. Because of this there is no effective cancer therapy available and the disease can keep expanding on a global scale. 

The most common diseases and causes of death in developing countries are infectious diseases, including the AIDS epidemic. These serious infectious diseases can only continue spreading the way they do because the knowledge of cellular health has been not efficiently used. This book will also provide the solution for the control of these diseases.

From : Cellular Health Series Cancer Book. By Matthias Rath, M.D.