Health Tips & Info : Physical and Emotional Disorders Associated with Panic Attacks.

Various physical and emotional disorders and ailments are associated with the people suffering from panic attacks. It has been researched that 30% of the people suffering from panic attacks fall a victim to alcoholism and around 17% of them become drug addicts so as to reduce the stress and anxiety which is caused due to the panic attacks. However, such drug and alcohol abuse does not reduce or refrain the panic attacks for long. This is the reason why 20% of the panic disorder patients tend to commit suicide. 

People suffering from panic attacks are usually phobic of different places of public gathering such as stores, malls, streets as they fear attacks at such places. Therefore, such people avoid visiting these places and confine themselves at home. This further develops agoraphobia in them wherein they are completely unable to visit even the safe environments because of the developed fear and anxiety. 

Such patients also suffer from irritable bowel syndromes which lead to gastrointestinal cramps, diarrhea and even constipation. They also face various heart ailments, although minor, which includes Mitral valve prolapse. Chest aches are also very common in such people.