Health Tips & Info : Panic Attacks and Anxiety – Some Facts.

It has been researched that around 40 million US people above the age of 18 years suffer from anxiety disorders and this disorder costs a whooping 42 billion dollars to the country annually. 

The Economic Burden of Anxiety and its Disorder via the commission of the ADAA and The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry published in 7 July in the year1999 reveals that 1/3rd portion of United States 148 billion dollars (which is approximately 49.33 billion dollars) has been incurred as the total bill on healthcare of this country. People who suffer from anxiety disorders and panic attacks get 3 to 5 time’s higher treatment than the rest and are 6 times more at risk to be hospitalized as compared to the ones who do not suffer from these disorders.

People suffering from generalized anxiety disorders are about 6.8 million. 6 million people suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, 7.7 million suffer from post-traumatic disorder of Stress, 15 million suffer from disorder of the anxiety of society, 2.2 million from the obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and 19 million from the specific phobias. The anxiety and panic attacks both relate to emotional disorders as well as bipolar disorders.